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Q&A Could There Really Be Such a Thing as a Midlife Crisis Affair? 3/09/2021
Q&A Why Do I Still Feel like Its My Fault She Had a Affair? Is This Normal for Betrayed Men? 1/14/2021
Q&A Is It Possible to Delude Oneself into Believing an Affair Wasn’t Emotional as a Means of Self Protection? 1/14/2021
Q&A Did He Really Not Consider Me or His Children? 1/14/2021
Ever wonder why men cheat and why women cheat? 12/30/2020
Q&A How Can I Know My Mate Didn't Just Prefer Sex With Someone Else? 12/17/2020
Tweeting Or Cheating? Social Media Affairs And What To Do 11/18/2020
Q&A Was This Limerence or Something More? 10/05/2020
Q&A Is It Common for the Wayward Spouse to Not Know 'Why' This Far in Recovery? 9/24/2020
Q&A What Attracts a Younger Man to an Older, Unattractive Woman? 9/24/2020
Q&A Is There a Way to Determine the Difference between an Affair Being Motivated by Revenge as Opposed to the Wayward Spouse Justifying an Affair or Are They One in the Same? 9/22/2020
Q&A How Can Any Person Not Know Why They Have Done Something? 9/02/2020
Q&A How Is It Possible to Compartmentalize the Way My Husband Did? 9/02/2020
Q&A Could His Early Experience Have Played a Part in His Affair and His Attitude Toward Sex Now? 9/02/2020
Q&A If Our Marriage Was So Wonderful, Why Did He Have an Affair? 8/27/2020
Q&A Is It Possible to Feel No Shame or Guilt? 8/27/2020
Nine Signs of an Emotional Affair 8/26/2020
Q&A How Could Childhood Sexual Abuse Lead My Husband to Have an Affair? 8/13/2020
Q&A Is This Type of Acting Out Not Part of What We Call a Mid-life Crisis? 8/13/2020
Q&A Was Her Behavior Justified? 8/13/2020
Q&A Do Men Actually Not Engage Their Heart? 8/06/2020
Q&A How Can a Straight Woman Have a Same-Sex Affair? 8/06/2020
Q&A Can You Explain to Me Why They Felt the Need to Have Sex Given Their Anxiety? 8/06/2020
Q&A What Happens If My Spouse Won't Acknowledge the Relationship as an Affair? 7/09/2020
Q&A Could I Have Broken the Cycle Before My Spouse Strayed? 6/25/2020
Q&A Does My Husband Really Have Only a Sex Addiction? 6/19/2020
Q&A What Do Same Sex Encounters Mean? 6/09/2020
Q&A Why Has My Husband Re-written Our Marital History? 6/03/2020
Q&A What Kind of Affair Was It? 6/03/2020
Q&A Why Is My Wayward Husband Having a Difficult Time with 'Why'? 6/03/2020
Q&A Is This Normal Affair Behavior or a Sexual Addiction? 6/03/2020
Q&A Is There a Difference between Reason and Justification? 5/28/2020
Q&A What Kind of Affair Did My Husband Have and What Does It Mean for Recovery? 4/02/2020
Were They Thinking of Me? 4/01/2020
Q&A Is My Husband Normal, Sick, or Was He Temporarily Insane? 3/19/2020
Q&A Do Serious Health Issues Impact a Spouses Decision to Have an Affair? 3/16/2020
Q&A What Do I Do When My Wayward Spouse See's the Affair as My Fault? 3/10/2020
Q&A Is It Possible That She Believed Her Emotional Affair Was Not Infidelity? 3/03/2020
Q&A Does It Matter If Someone Forced His Hand on Their Breast or It His Did It on His Own? 2/20/2020
Q&A What Might Be the Reasons for My Ex-Wife's Relational Pattern? 2/14/2020
Q&A Is the Affair a Result of My Mates Addiction Issues? 2/14/2020
How Could You? Part VI - Dehumanization and Blame 2/05/2020