Why They Did It
The lingering question that haunts almost everyone recovering from infidelity: Why? The unfaithful spouse may not know why just yet, but use these articles to gain insight and, eventually, freedom from the uncertainty.
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Video Q&A How Do I Explain That My Childhood Trauma Triggered My Actions and Doesn’t Remove My Accountability Even If I Did Disassociate? 1/11/2023
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Video Q&A Why Was It Easy for Him to Be Nice to Everyone but Me, His Wife? 3/10/2022
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Text Pimping Tenderness & Grooming Behaviors 1/12/2022
Video Q&A How Can I Help My Husband Understand the Importance of Knowing the ‘Why’ and Also How to Can I Help Him See That It’s Not an Excuse or Blaming Anything? 12/17/2021
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