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The #1 Challenge to Recovery 9/29/2021
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Q&A When My Mate Floods, Why Do I Get Distressed In Turn? 7/08/2021
Q&A Can You Explain Why the Recovery Rate Is Lower For Infidelity Early in Marriage? 4/22/2021
Q&A How Do I Navigate Such Extreme Triggers from Discovery? 4/22/2021
Q&A What Can I or Should I Do With the Thoughts in My Head? 4/13/2021
Q&A What Else Can I Do, Other Than Be Honest and Give Her Space? 4/13/2021
Q&A What Do You Do If You Have a Trigger and It Makes You Think of a New Detail? 3/25/2021
A Discussion on Remorse, Trauma and Extreme Suffering 3/24/2021
Q&A How Does the Betrayed Spouse Productively Handle Contempt and Disgust? 3/11/2021
Q&A Why Does My Wife Not See the Effort and Work It Takes for Me, as the Betrayed, to Stay in the Marriage? 3/11/2021
Q&A What Am I Supposed to Do as the Hurt Spouse Trying to Heal from My Husband’s Hurtful Behavior While Now Navigating My Past? 3/11/2021
Q&A Can You Help You Explain the Difference between Infidelity Trauma or PTSD and Clinical Depression? 3/09/2021
Q&A How Do We Move Forward When He’s Still Holding on to Resentment Towards Me and I’m the Betrayed? 2/23/2021
Q&A When Will I Stop Asking Questions? 1/28/2021
Q&A As a Betrayed Spouse, How Do I Work through My Humiliation? 1/14/2021
Q&A How Can I Get These Constant Reminders Out of My Head? 1/14/2021
Coping with Infidelity: The 2 Stages of Pain 1/13/2021
Q&A Must I Be Completely Finished with the Grieving Task before I Can Move to Forgiveness? 11/18/2020
Q&A How Do I Address My Overwhelming Fear? 11/12/2020
Q&A What Should I Do as the Wayward Spouse When My Spouse Has a Breakdown? 11/12/2020
Q&A Is a Trauma Bond Repairable? 10/22/2020
Q&A How Can I Take Control of My Life So That I Can Forgive and Heal? 10/22/2020
Q&A Is Confusion and Messy Emotions Normal? 10/22/2020
Q&A What Do I Do as the Wayward Spouse When the Truth and Love Exercise Goes Wrong? 10/22/2020
Q&A How Can We Deal with Resentments and Move Forward? 10/05/2020
Q&A How Do I Heal from the Damage of the Internet? 9/22/2020
Q&A My Wife Is Considering a Revenge Affair. What Should I Do? 9/03/2020
Q&A Why Do We Sometimes Ask the Same Questions Repeatedly? 8/13/2020
Q&A What Is It I Should Do to Heal? 8/13/2020
Q&A What Would You Advise Regarding My Living Situation? 8/13/2020
Q&A How Can I Take Control of the Intrusive Thoughts? 8/06/2020
Q&A What More Can I Do to Overcome This Trauma? 7/28/2020
Q&A What Do You Do for the Wayward Spouse's Trauma? 7/09/2020
Q&A How Do I Get Unstuck? 7/09/2020
Q&A How Do I Deal with Triggers and Reminders? 7/09/2020
Q&A When Will the Urge to Snoop End? 7/02/2020
Q&A How Can I Tell If It's the Hurt and Pain or If She Really Wants a Divorce? 6/25/2020
Q&A How Can I Prevent Resentment and Bitterness Forming in My Heart? 6/25/2020
Q&A Could Overwhelming Sadness Be Anger in Disguise? 6/25/2020
Q&A How Do I Explain the Pain I’m Going Through, from the Betrayal Trauma My Husband Caused, to My Children? 6/19/2020
Q&A Is There Anything I Can Do to Prevent Flashbacks of Photos I Have Seen? 6/19/2020
Q&A How Do We Handle Flooding? 6/10/2020
Q&A How Can I Apply What I Learned from a past Traumatic Experience to Deal with the Pain of Reminders in My Marriage Relationship Now? 6/10/2020
Q&A How Can the Wayward Spouse Resolve the Guilt They Have about the Consequences They Caused for the Affair Partner? 6/09/2020
Q&A Approximately How Long Should the Reaction Task Last? 6/03/2020