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After a betrayal, your mind goes in 90 million directions all at once and you may not even know where to begin. Use the categories in the Recovery Library to discover what areas of recovery resonate with your struggle and find the specific guidance you need.
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Video Creating Healing Spaces 5/01/2024
Video Q&A How Much Does Alcohol Play a Factor in a One Night Stand? 4/25/2024
Video Q&A What Do You Recommend for Support for Those Going through the Lonely and Brutal Unique Situation of a Divorce Post Affair? 4/25/2024
Video Q&A How Do I Cope With the Resurgence of Past Traumas Triggered by Such Betrayal? 4/25/2024
Video Q&A Every Time I Start to Feel Better, My Unfaithful Spouse Stops Putting in as Much Effort. How Can I Feel Safe When This Happens? 4/25/2024
Video Q&A How Do You Stop Thinking About and Forgive The Affair Partner? 4/25/2024
Video Q&A How Do I Do Everything Right at Every Moment for My Wife? 4/25/2024
Video Q&A How Do We Know if Our Cheating Spouse Is a Sex Addict, Has a Personality Disorder, or if It Is Something Else? 4/25/2024
Video Q&A How Do We Recover the Large Sum of Money the Affair Partner Borrowed From My Husband? 4/25/2024
Video Q&A Where Can I Find Help for My Mate’s Cognitive Issues Surrounding the Lessons and My Grief? 4/25/2024
Video Q&A Should My Husband Keep His Mother in His Life Given That She Actively Facilitated and Supported His Actions? 4/25/2024
Text Understanding Codependency and Betrayal: An Excerpt from Harboring Hope 4/24/2024
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Text Lessons Learned After Infidelity 4/10/2024
Video Q&A How Do You Move Past Regret Into Acceptance? 4/03/2024
Video Q&A How Can I Be More Help to My Wayward Spouse Like He Has Been for Me? 4/03/2024
Video Q&A How Can We Overcome Arousal Issues Resulting From Disclosure? 4/03/2024
Video Q&A How Can One Move Forward Knowing and Feeling Like This? 4/03/2024
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Video Psychological Abuse Within Infidelity 3/20/2024
Video Q&A How Do I Deal with My Unfaithful Spouse’s Inability to Self-Reflect? 3/19/2024
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Video Q&A Why Should I Stay With My Current Wife When I Really Want to Be With My Ex-Wife? 3/19/2024
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Video Regulating Our Stress Response During Recovery 3/13/2024
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Video Q&A Is It Possible for Him to Rebuild Real Empathy and Actually Care about Me Again? 2/28/2024