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My Spouse Had an Affair: What Should I Do Now? 8/04/2021
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Denial and Recovery After an Affair 7/14/2021
How Can You Move Past Ambivalence After Infidelity? 7/07/2021
Is Ambivalence Common When Healing from Infidelity? 6/30/2021
Q&A Is It Normal to Feel Calm After Disclosing the Truth? 6/17/2021
Q&A How Can I Move Forward While Convinced That He Is Still Lying to Me? 6/17/2021
Stuck? 3 Methods to Get Moving in Infidelity Recovery 6/09/2021
Q&A Should I Receive a Disclosure Letter from My Spouses Work in Hope for Healing? 5/25/2021
Q&A Should I Ask My Wife to Take Another Polygraph? 5/12/2021
Q&A How Do I Navigate Such Extreme Triggers from Discovery? 4/22/2021
Discovery: Why Do I Want to Know? 4/14/2021
Discovery: Processing the Details of the Affair 4/07/2021
Surviving Infidelity: 6 Things I Wish I'd Known 3/03/2021
Q&A How I Can Move Forward and Get past the Feeling That I Don’t Have the Full Story? 2/23/2021
Discovery: Part 4 - Goals for the Betrayed 2/10/2021
Discovery: Part 3 - Guidelines for Discovery 2/03/2021
Q&A When Will I Stop Asking Questions? 1/28/2021
Q&A How Do I Know What Is Too Much Information? 1/28/2021
Discovery: Part 2 - Advice For The Wayward Spouse 1/27/2021
Discovery: Part 1 - How to Handle Discovery 1/20/2021
The Betrayed's Reaction: An Excerpt from Harboring Hope 12/08/2020
Q&A What Is the Census of Disclosing the Affair to the Affair Partner's Spouse? 11/18/2020
Q&A How Do I Remember Details of the Affair That I Seem to have Repressed? 11/12/2020
Q&A Does This Program Offer Someone Who Can Sit with Us through the Disclosure Process? 10/29/2020
Q&A Do You Recommend Sharing the Discovery Week of Harboring Hope with My Wayward Spouse? 10/22/2020
Q&A How Does One Determine What Not to Share with Their Spouse While Remaining Open and Honest? 10/22/2020
Q&A What Do I Do When I Don't Believe Something That He Consistently Says Is True? 10/05/2020
Q&A How Do We Get to the Truth? 10/05/2020
Q&A Can You Please Give Me Some More Information on a Written Disclosure? 9/02/2020
Q&A What Can I Do If I Now Have Too Much Detail? 9/02/2020
Q&A Is My Spouse Telling the Truth? 8/18/2020
Q&A Am I Wrong to Ask for Details? 8/18/2020
Q&A Why Do We Sometimes Ask the Same Questions Repeatedly? 8/13/2020
Q&A How Can I Heal When I Still Feel I Don't Have Full Disclosure and May Never Get It? 8/13/2020
Q&A Are Polygraphs Helpful and What Types of Questions Are Recommended? 8/06/2020
Q&A Is This Normal or Is There Something Wrong with Me? 7/30/2020
Hope For Healing Excerpt: How Does The Unfaithful Make Amends? 7/29/2020
Q&A How Do We Reach Full Disclosure If My Wife Doesn’t Remember the Details? 6/25/2020
Surviving Infidelity Part 2: What Didn’t Work For Unfaithful Spouses 6/24/2020
Surviving Infidelity Part 1: What Do You Need to Know? 6/17/2020
Q&A How Do I Help Someone That Won't Come Clean? 6/10/2020
Q&A How Do I Now Distinguish between Truth and Deception? 6/03/2020
Q&A Approximately How Long Should the Reaction Task Last? 6/03/2020
Q&A What Are Your Thoughts about Our Disclosure Process? 5/07/2020
Q&A How Do We Heal without Full Disclosure? 5/07/2020
Q&A What If You Feel the Wayward Spouse Is Not Telling the Whole Truth during the Telling of Their Story? 5/07/2020
Make Four Months of Progress in Three Days 5/01/2020
Revenge: Responding to an Affair 4/15/2020
Am I Who They Want? 4/08/2020