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Embracing Intimacy After Infidelity Part 2: The Art of Cherishing 9/15/2021
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Embracing Intimacy After Infidelity Part 1: How to Reengage 9/08/2021
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Q&A Should Sex Addicts Completely Stay Away from Sex, Including Healthy Sex with Their Wives, to Recover? 1/14/2021
Q&A How Probable It Is That He Can Stop Cheating and Have a Normal Sex Life? 12/17/2020
Q&A Is It Common to Have Occasional Difficulties with Physical Intimacy, Impotence, or Performance Issues after an Affair? 12/17/2020
Sharing Perspectives: How Can My Spouse Feel What I Feel? 11/25/2020
Q&A Could This Be Sex Addiction and How Is That Different for Recovery? 11/18/2020
Q&A Is It Possible for an Addiction of This Severity to Change So Quickly? 10/22/2020
Q&A Have You Ever Heard of Couples Recreating Sexual Encounters between the Wayward Spouse and Affair Partner on Purpose? 10/22/2020
What are the 5 simple and proven steps that will protect your marriage? 9/30/2020
Q&A How Am I Supposed to Address This Barrier More Than I Already Have? 8/18/2020
Q&A How Do We Recover When There Was a Sexual Assault? 8/07/2020
Q&A How Can My Spouse and I Resume Having and Acting on the Desire for Sexual Intimacy in Our Marriage? 8/06/2020
Recovering from Infidelity: Difficulties with Intimacy 8/05/2020
Q&A Does an Emotional Affair Affect Your Sex Life? 7/09/2020
Q&A Is This Healthy or Are My Concerns Valid? 6/09/2020
Q&A How Do the Processes for Recovery and Relapse Prevention Differ for Sex Addicts? 5/19/2020
Q&A How Can We Reclaim This Intimate Part of Our Sexuality? 3/26/2020
Q&A How Is Recovery Different If the Porn Addiction Is Same Sex? 3/16/2020
Q&A How Do We Handle My Husband's Newfound, Seemingly Irresistible, Fetish? 2/20/2020
Q&A How Do I Protect Myself from Getting an STD If My Husband Has Another Affair Again? 2/14/2020
Q&A Is It Wise to Refrain from Sex with My Mate in This Situation? 2/11/2020
Q&A How Can I Overcome My Sexual Fantasies? 1/03/2020
Q&A What Does Consensual Sex Look like in Marriage? 12/05/2019
Q&A How Do We Restore Intimacy after an Affair? 11/13/2019
Q&A How Do I Overcome This Sexual Trigger? 10/23/2019
Q&A Do My Sexual Dreams Indicate a Deeper Underlying Problem? 10/16/2019
Q&A How Do I Move Forward Knowing I May Never Have Fulfilling Physical Intimacy with My Wife? 9/26/2019
Q&A How Do I Deal with My Sex Addict Husband Pouting Because I Do Not Want to Have Sex with Him? 9/26/2019
Q&A Can Sex during Recovery Have an Adverse Effect on Our Healing? 9/26/2019
Q&A Does Every Man Masturbate like This? 9/26/2019
Q&A Will We Ever Have a Healthy Marriage? 9/26/2019
Q&A What Is Sexual Imprinting and Its Impact on Sex in a Marriage? 9/26/2019
Q&A Will Seeing a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist Cause More Harm Than Good? 9/18/2019
Q&A Why Do I Do about My Thoughts during Sex? 8/28/2019
The Proper Use of Boundaries - Creating Space for Healing and Change 8/28/2019
Q&A How Does Sexual Imprinting in a Women during Her Teenage Years Impact Her Desire to Be Intimate in a Marriage Compared to with an Affair Partner? 8/23/2019
Q&A What Recommendations Do You Have for Overcoming the Sexual Part of the Affair? 8/20/2019
Q&A Will I Ever Be Able to Enjoy My Wife like a Normal Man? 8/02/2019
Q&A How Can We Overcome Sexual Performance Issues and Improve Intimacy? 8/02/2019
Q&A Has My Husband's Sexual Addiction Ruined His Ability to Be Attracted to Me? 7/24/2019
Q&A Because of Medical Problems Our Sex Life Has Become All about Me and There's Nothing for Him. What Can We Do? 7/24/2019
Q&A Why Won't My Mate Touch Me? 7/03/2019
Q&A How Do I Overcome My Resistance to Re-Engaging Sexually with My Mate? 6/26/2019
Q&A How Do I Deal with My Sexual Challenges? 6/11/2019
Q&A Is It Better to Wait for Healing in the Marriage to Resume Intimacy? 6/11/2019
Q&A How Can We Better Handle Triggers during Sex? 6/05/2019