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Video Q&A How Do We Heal from Sexual Abuse in Our Marriage? 8/26/2022
Video Q&A How Do I Not Feel So Bad About My Own Body? 8/03/2022
Video Q&A Is It Strange for the Unfaithful to Have Depression? 8/03/2022
Video Q&A Is This a Healthy Way to Process My Anger? 8/03/2022
Video Q&A How Do I Deal With My Repulsion by the Idea of Sex Post Betrayal? 8/03/2022
Video Q&A How Long Are You Suppose to Wait for Unfaithful to Take Responsibility and Have Empathy? 8/03/2022
Video Q&A Should I Get Breast Implants to Please My Husband? 8/03/2022
Video Q&A How Do I Forgive Myself for Marrying Someone While Choosing to Essentially Re-Marry Him? 8/03/2022
Video Q&A What Could We Do to Slowly Build Back Physical Intimacy? 7/14/2022
Video Q&A How Do I Keep My Boundaries Strong in a Place of Leadership? 7/07/2022
Video Q&A Are My Expectations to High? What Should He Be Doing to Reinforce That Love and Value of Me? 7/01/2022
Video Q&A Am I Just Playing the Victim to Reduce My Guilt? 7/01/2022
Video Q&A What Are the Signs I Should Run and Not Bother Wasting My Time or Emotions on Trying to Make My Marriage Work? 7/01/2022
Video Q&A How Do My Wife and I Avoid Pretending Normal and Actually Tackle the Issue of Infidelity? 6/14/2022
Video Q&A How Can I Be Comfortable Being Intimate Again? 6/14/2022
Video Q&A Can I Truly Trust a Polygraph? 6/14/2022
Video Q&A Why Does My Mate Still Want Me to Obey Him after His Affair? 6/14/2022
Video Q&A How Do We Give This a Shot If We Don’t Reengage on Some Level? 6/14/2022
Video Q&A Could It Be Limerance When the Affair Partner Is an Old Flame? 6/14/2022
Video Q&A How Do I Respond to the Betrayed’s Triggers When It’s Affecting My Mental Health Now? 6/14/2022
Video Q&A Am I Depriving Myself of True Healing in the Long Term If We Are Using This Method to Cope? 6/14/2022
Video Q&A How Do You Know If You Are Grieving or If You Are Wallowing? 5/24/2022
Video Q&A How Do I Handle Knowing the ‘Who’ Matters More to Me than the ‘What’? 5/24/2022
Video Q&A When Will the Constant Feeling That Another Betrayal Is Right around the Corner Fade? 5/24/2022
Video Q&A How Can I Channel My Own Genuine Positivity and Stop Being Concerned or Insulted by His Behaviors or Attitudes? 5/24/2022
Video Q&A Where Does a Failed Polygraph Leave Us in Regards to a Timeline in Recovery? 5/24/2022
Video Q&A What Do I Do If My Spouse Works with Their Affair Partner? 5/24/2022
Video Q&A Can You Help Us Understand Our Love Language Differences? 5/24/2022
Video Q&A How Do You Make Your Partner Feel Understood, Trusted, like They Matter, and That It’s Ok to Make Mistakes, Without Enabling Bad Behavior? 5/24/2022
Video Q&A Is It Possible There Is a 7th Type of Affair? 5/24/2022
Video Q&A How Do I Continue Supporting Her While Taking Care of My Heart and Mental Health? 4/20/2022
Video Q&A Why Can’t I Give My Spouse Full Disclosure? 4/20/2022
Video Q&A Is It OK for the Wayward Spouse to Keep in Touch with Affair Partners from the past That Happened Years before Us? 4/20/2022
Video Q&A What Is the Best Way to Discuss the Questions That Most Wayward Spouses Get from the Betrayed? 4/20/2022
Video Q&A How Do I Let Myself Be Happy Again? 4/08/2022
Video Q&A How Do We Handle Defensiveness? 4/08/2022
Video Q&A How Do I Move Forward Knowing That He Already Has The Mindset That This Could Happen Again? 4/08/2022
Video Q&A How Can I Convince Her to Engage More in the Group Therapy? 4/08/2022
Video Q&A How Could He Go from One Affair to Another? 4/08/2022
Video Q&A What Can I Do to Support Him but Also Be Heard? 4/06/2022
Video Q&A How Do I Get Over This Betrayal? 4/06/2022
Video Q&A How Can I Ever Get Over His Believing He Loved The Affair Partner? 4/06/2022
Video Q&A How Can I Communicate So That He Does Not Feel Condemned? 4/06/2022
Video Q&A How Do We Handle Disclosure When My Infidelity Was So Long Ago and I Can’t Remember All the Details? 4/06/2022