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With trauma like infidelity, it’s often easier to explain through a spiritual lens than in terms of the world. If you are curious about God or just curious how God and infidelity go together, the articles in this section may be especially helpful.
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Healing After an Affair: How do I Address Unmanageability?
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Video Q&A Is It Advisable to Leave This Church and Find Another Church Home to Help With Restoration and Recovery? 6/19/2024
Text Revenge: Responding to an Affair 1/02/2023
Text Forgiveness: A Letter to My Younger Self 7/06/2022
Video What Is A Forgiveness Letter? 3/16/2022
Video Q&A How Can I Get To a More Balanced Psyche? 2/02/2022
Video Announcing NEW Infidelity Video Blog: Songs for the Soul 1/26/2022
Video Q&A Can You Recommend a Daily Prayer for Me? 7/08/2021
Video Q&A Any Resources on Becoming More Faith Based? 7/08/2021
Video Q&A How Can I Trust God and Have Faith in Him? 3/22/2021
Video Q&A How Do I Salvage My Spiritual Relationship? 1/20/2021
Video Q&A What Should My Response Be When He Is Ambivalent or Hostile toward God? 12/17/2020
Video Q&A Biblically, Can You Remarry Your Ex-Spouse? 10/05/2020
Video Q&A Has Affair Recovery Considered a Bible Study for Those Struggling with Their Identity and Relationship with Christ? 5/28/2020
Video Q&A Is It Best to Just Keep Information about the Infidelity between the Two of Us? 9/26/2019
Video Q&A Is It Possible for My Wayward Spouse to Accept Unconditional Love? 8/23/2019
Video Q&A Did God Really Lead My Spouse to Have an Affair? 6/19/2019
Video Q&A Is There Hope for a Feeling of Oneness Again? 5/15/2019
Video Q&A Is My Unfaithful Husband Now Addicted to God? 5/08/2019
Video Q&A How Can I Cleanse My Body and Heart? 2/22/2019
Video Q&A Why Did This Happen When I Did Everything Right? 1/30/2019
Text Bedside Forgiveness: When Death Coincides With Infidelity 1/30/2019
Video Q&A Do You Have Resources to Help with Connection? 1/09/2019
Video Q&A How Do I Surrender Control? 12/20/2017
Video Q&A Is My Mate Drawn towards Something Bad and Repulsed by Something Good? 12/20/2017
Video Q&A How Can the Church Support Couples after Infidelity? 7/05/2017
Video Q&A What Do You Mean By, "People with a Strong Moral Compass Are More Likely to Have an Affair"? 5/17/2017
Video Q&A Is My Struggle with God Normal and How Do I Move past It? 3/08/2017
Video Q&A How Will I Know When I've Completely Forgiven Him? 3/08/2017
Video Q&A Can my Christian Witness be Valid Without Conveying Forgiveness? 12/20/2016
Video Q&A What Does Prayerfully Consider Really Mean? 10/24/2016
Video The Seven Mistakes Churches Make When Dealing With Infidelity 9/11/2016
Video The Seven Mistakes Churches Make When Dealing With Infidelity 9/11/2016
Video Q&A What Does This Verse from Proverbs Mean for Me? 8/24/2016
Video Q&A Can You Support Your Statement 'Faith is an Organ of the Soul'? 7/12/2016
Video Q&A Can You Give Me Guidance With My Assignment? 6/14/2016
Video Q&A What's God's Plan for Intimacy With Him and Marriage? 5/17/2016
Video Q&A Where was God in That Moment? 3/08/2016
Audio Q&A Is There Another Solution Besides God for My Husband? 1/21/2016
Video Q&A I Want to Learn More About God, Where Do I Start? 11/04/2015
Video Q&A How Long can a Christian Continue to Sin? 6/02/2015
Video Q&A How do we Handle a Persistent Affair Partner? 6/02/2015
Video Q&A How can I Gain Perspective of an Addict's Mind? 4/15/2015
Video Q&A How Can a Just God Allow This? How can I Get rid of this Pain? 3/10/2015
Audio Q&A How can I Heal the Marriage With an Ambivalent Spouse? 2/20/2015
Audio Q&A How do I Deal With my Anger and Emotions? 12/16/2014