Q&A Biblically, Can You Remarry Your Ex-Spouse?

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Based on the Bible, Deuteronomy, it is my understanding that once you divorce you are not able to remarry your ex spouse. However I see all these Christian couples within Affair Recovery who do this. Can you explain? Is there something I am missing?



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Read Romans

In Deuteronomy 24, the writer explains that if a man divorces his wife, AND she goes and marries someone else (and therefore has sexual relations with him), he can not marry her again because she no longer is pure. It doesn't really mention what happens if she doesn't remarry, but back then it wasn't really heard of for a woman to be unmarried. So, say a faithful man finds his wife to be detestable (not in the faith, she's breaking God's laws purposefully, etc) he can divorce her, she would probably have to find an unbelieving or gentile man to marry her again (because no faithful man would marry an unclean or defiled woman back then). This is what makes sense to me after some study.

I like what Wayne said about love. Love actually glorifies God and His kingdom. We are living in New Testament times, we now have the blood of jesus shed for us and if we do something sinful (that we don't even know if sinful) Jesus gave Himself to cover that. So, if you remarry your spouse because you love them and want to make a NEW covenant with them and God, then it's new. The old has been washed away. Remember, we are saved BY grace, THROUGH faith, FOR good works. Choosing to love is a good work. ❤️

Whoops meant to add that

Whoops meant to add that Romans is a wonderful book to explain the gospel, love, grace, and what it all means for our new lives.

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