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Q&A How Do You Move Past Regret Into Acceptance? Apr 3, 2024
Q&A How Can I Be More Help to My Wayward Spouse Like He Has Been for Me? Apr 3, 2024
Q&A How Can We Overcome Arousal Issues Resulting From Disclosure? Apr 3, 2024
Q&A How Can One Move Forward Knowing and Feeling Like This? Apr 3, 2024
Q&A How Do I Deal with My Unfaithful Spouse’s Inability to Self-Reflect? Mar 19, 2024
Q&A Why Does My Husband Continue to Lie When I’ve Been a Safe Place for Him Since I Returned? Mar 19, 2024
Q&A Why Should I Stay With My Current Wife When I Really Want to Be With My Ex-Wife? Mar 19, 2024
Q&A How Does Betrayal Affect Pregnancy and the Well-Being of the Unborn Child? Mar 19, 2024
Q&A How Can Someone Love You Even During the Betrayal? Mar 19, 2024
Q&A How Do I Get the Affair Partners Out of My Head? Mar 19, 2024
Q&A How Do I Help My Wife Feel Safe When She Is Triggered? Feb 28, 2024
Q&A Will an Emotional Affair Become Physical with Enough Opportunity? Feb 28, 2024
Q&A Can You Describe ‘The Cycle of Grace’ in Secular Terms? Feb 28, 2024
Q&A What Do I Do with an Unfaithful Spouse Who Will Not Provide Me with Full Disclosure? Feb 28, 2024
Q&A Is It Possible for Him to Rebuild Real Empathy and Actually Care about Me Again? Feb 28, 2024
Q&A Is My Husband’s Erectile Dysfunction Due to His Affair? Jan 30, 2024
Q&A What Stops an Emotional Affair from Becoming Physical? How Do I Work through This Chasm in Our View of What Happened? Jan 30, 2024
Q&A Why Should I Go through This Program If I Don’t Believe My Unfaithful Spouse Loves Me Anymore? Jan 30, 2024
Q&A How Could My Unfaithful Partner Just Forget about the Affair Partner and What They Did Together? Jan 30, 2024
Q&A What Does Making Restitution Look Like in a Marriage after an Affair? Jan 30, 2024
Q&A How Do I Get over the Fact He Wanted to Walk Out on Us? Jan 30, 2024
Q&A Given That Addiction Is Part of His Personality with the Alcohol Abuse, Is He Also a Sex Addict? Is There Any Chance He Might Get Better with DBT Therapy? Jan 9, 2024
Q&A Is It Ok for My Husband to Meet With His Affair Partner? Jan 9, 2024
Q&A Are My Assumptions about the Affair Partner’s Intentions Reasonable? Jan 9, 2024
Q&A How Do I Tell My Unfaithful Spouse I Need Access to His Devices to Feel Safe? Jan 9, 2024


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