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Q&A What Do We Do When We Both Cheated, If My Betrayal Was ‘Worse’ than His? Jan 18, 2022
Q&A Am I Choosing Closeness over Intimacy When I Don’t Let My Mate Know About Intrusive Thoughts When We Are Lovemaking? Jan 18, 2022
Q&A Will the Betrayed’s Irritability Ever Go Away? Jan 18, 2022
Q&A What Should We Tell the Kids If They Ask Why Dad Is Living in the Basement? Jan 18, 2022
Q&A How Can My Wife Believe That She Fulfilled Her Fantasy If She Also Says That’s Not Who She Truly Is? Jan 18, 2022
Q&A Is This Finally Enough to Divorce and End Recovery Work? Jan 18, 2022
Q&A What Type of Recovery Program Does My Husband Need? Jan 18, 2022
Q&A How Can I Get My Emotionally Unavailable Husband to Walk toward the Storm Instead of Away? Jan 18, 2022
Q&A What Do I Do When the Betrayed Spouse Shuts Me Out and Doesn’t Want to Talk about His Pain, Unless Forced? Jan 18, 2022
Q&A Are My Expectations Too High? Dec 17, 2021
Q&A What Do We Do When the Affair Partner Refuses to Cooperate about the Child? Dec 17, 2021
Q&A How Can We Set Boundaries If They Keep Being Disregarded and Violated? Dec 17, 2021
Q&A Should I Change Churches or Should I Just Get Over It since It Was All in His Fantasies? Dec 17, 2021
Q&A What Should I Do With the Saved Messages between My Husband and His Affair Partners? Dec 17, 2021
Q&A Why Is He Okay as Long as I Don’t Talk about It? How Can We Get past This If He’s Unwilling to Answer Questions? Dec 17, 2021
Q&A How Can I Help My Husband Understand the Importance of Knowing the ‘Why’ and Also How to Can I Help Him See That It’s Not an Excuse or Blaming Anything? Dec 17, 2021
Q&A Should We Abstain from Sex at This Point in Our Recovery? Dec 17, 2021
Q&A At What Point Is It Unhealthy to Be Avoiding Events Because the Affair Partner May Go or Avoiding Places Because They Once Went There Together? Dec 17, 2021
Q&A Why Is My Wayward Spouse Playing the Victim in Our Relationship? Nov 19, 2021
Q&A Can His Expressed Feelings of Love Be True When He Was Deceiving and Betraying Me? Nov 19, 2021
Q&A How Much Should I Allow My Hurt Spouse to Vent and Control Conversations? Nov 19, 2021
Q&A What Can I Ask My Spouse to Do That Also Requires the Same Amount of Effort in the Process of Recovery? Nov 19, 2021
Q&A Should My Unfaithful Spouse Make a Symbolic Sacrifice to Help My Healing? Nov 4, 2021
Q&A What Type of Dilemma Am I In? Nov 4, 2021
Q&A How Do I Help My Betrayed Wife with Her Depression That Has Escalated Dramatically since Discovery? Nov 4, 2021


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