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Q&A Should We Separate for a While? Jun 15, 2018
Q&A Can You Give Us Guidance on Reaching Full Disclosure? Jun 15, 2018
Q&A Will the Respect I Had for My Spouse Come Back over Time? Jun 15, 2018
Q&A How Can We Protect Our Safety Protocol While Traveling? Jun 15, 2018
Q&A Do I Need to Get a Divorce? Jun 15, 2018
Q&A Are There Boundaries That Need to Be Followed as an Accountability Partner? Jun 15, 2018
Q&A How Do I Trust That I Truly Have All the Information? Jun 15, 2018
Q&A How Should I Respond to My Wife's Feelings about Saving the Marriage? Jun 8, 2018
Q&A Do You Have Additional Resources for Overcoming Gaslighting? Jun 8, 2018
Q&A How Can I Help My Unfaithful Wife Figure out Why She Had the Affair? Jun 8, 2018
Q&A What Is the Difference between the ‘Right Person’ and the ‘Right Fit’? Jun 8, 2018
Q&A How Am I Supposed to Interact with the Family Members That Helped Hide My Mates Affair? Jun 8, 2018
Q&A What Should Our Next Step Be? Jun 8, 2018
Q&A My Betrayed Husband Won't Believe Me. How Can We Reach Full Disclosure? Jun 8, 2018
Q&A How Can I Rebuild Trust and Become Vulnerable Again? Jun 6, 2018
Q&A Can Someone with Self-Awareness and Boundaries Still Relapse? Jun 6, 2018
Q&A My Betrayed Spouse Wants Me to Contact the Affair Partner. What Should I Do? Jun 6, 2018
Q&A Can a Wife Ever Get over Her Husband Having Sex with the Affair Partner in Their Home? Jun 6, 2018
Q&A Is Acknowledging and Working on the Unconscious Brain Important? Jun 6, 2018
Q&A How Do I Get My Mate to Clean up the Financial Mess His Affair Has Created? Jun 6, 2018
Q&A Why Does His Shame Trump My Pain? Jun 6, 2018
Q&A How Do I Manage the Feeling That I Will Never Be Enough? Jun 6, 2018
Q&A How Can I Protect My Children from Pornography? Jun 6, 2018
Q&A Will My Feelings Come Back for My Betrayed Husband? May 23, 2018
Q&A Should We Get a New Counselor? May 23, 2018


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