Q&A Is This the Healthiest Advice or Do I Need to Seek Different Therapist for Individual Counseling?

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My husband and I are doing marriage counseling. I am the wayward spouse. We both completed Harboring Hope and Hope for Healing perspectively and now we are in EMS Online. I am doing individual counseling with our marriage counselor as well. She has told us we need to move forward and stop talking about any details. I am still analyzing my behaviors and feelings during the 3.5 year affair with a coworker and what led up to it so this doesn’t happen again. Part of my healing is acceptance and being able to talk about it. I am open to discussing with my husband but he has said he doesn’t want me telling him anything else about the affair partner. My counselor doesn’t want to talk about this with me because she is our marriage counselor. Is this the healthiest advice or do I need to seek different therapist for individual counseling?



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