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Social Shame: Have You Been Dishonored? 12/01/2021
Social Shame: Understanding the Paralysis of it 11/24/2021
Q&A How Do I Help My Betrayed Wife with Her Depression That Has Escalated Dramatically since Discovery? 11/04/2021
Why Did They Cheat? Part 4: The Problem With Addictions 11/03/2021
Why Did They Cheat? Part 3: Do They Have an Addiction? 10/27/2021
Why Did They Cheat? Part 2: Entrapped or Enchanted 10/20/2021
Why Did They Cheat? Part 1:The Role of Oxytocin 10/13/2021
Q&A Should I Continue EMS Online on My Own? 10/07/2021
The #1 Challenge to Recovery 9/29/2021
Healing After An Affair: Emotional Flooding & Reminders 9/22/2021
How Do You Deal With Anger After Infidelity? 7/28/2021
Denial and Recovery After an Affair 7/14/2021
Q&A Will My Husband Love Me Again, the Way He Used To? 7/08/2021
Q&A When My Mate Floods, Why Do I Get Distressed In Turn? 7/08/2021
How Can You Move Past Ambivalence After Infidelity? 7/07/2021
The Antidote for Shame: Understanding the Unfaithful 6/23/2021
Q&A Is It Normal to Feel Calm After Disclosing the Truth? 6/17/2021
Q&A Are My Good Acts Just More Manipulation? 6/03/2021
Mental Health and Parenting: How to Support Yourself and Your Kids 6/02/2021
How Couples Can Promote Good Mental Health During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic 5/26/2021
Q&A How Do I Love Her through Her Controlling Issues While Still Maintaining My Sanity? 5/25/2021
Affair Recovery Steps: How to Live Without Fear After Infidelity 5/12/2021
How to Get Your Mate to Cooperate (Without Being Controlling) 5/05/2021
Q&A What Leads Me to Objectifying Women? 4/22/2021
A Discussion on Anger, Boundaries and Regrets After Infidelity 4/21/2021
Q&A Should I Continue In My Own Healing In the Hopes She Will Rejoin? 4/13/2021
Q&A What Else Can I Do, Other Than Be Honest and Give Her Space? 4/13/2021
Q&A What Do You Do If You Have a Trigger and It Makes You Think of a New Detail? 3/25/2021
A Discussion on Remorse, Trauma and Extreme Suffering 3/24/2021
Q&A As the Wayward Spouse Will I Ever Fall Back in Love with My Husband? 3/09/2021
Hope for Healing Excerpt: 'Is My Life Out of Control?' 2/24/2021
Q&A What More Can I Do to Become Safe for Her and Rebuild Our Relationship? 2/11/2021
Discovery: Part 2 - Advice For The Wayward Spouse 1/27/2021
Q&A What Else Can I Do to Prevent a Divorce or Retaliatory Affair? 1/14/2021
Surviving the Holidays: 7 Tips 12/23/2020
Q&A What Can the Wayward Spouse Do to Help the Betrayed Find Acceptance and Healing? 12/09/2020
The Anorexic Marriage: A Void of Intimacy 12/02/2020
Q&A How Does the Wayward Spouse Deal with the In-Then-Out Behavior of Their Spouse? 11/24/2020
Q&A How Do I Proceed with Recovery Work When the Betrayed Doesn't Want to Get Help? 11/24/2020
Q&A Will It Ever Be Possible to Be Friends with My Affair Partner Again? 11/18/2020
Q&A How Do I Remember Details of the Affair That I Seem to have Repressed? 11/12/2020
Q&A What Should I Do as the Wayward Spouse When My Spouse Has a Breakdown? 11/12/2020
Searching for Truth: Snooping Won’t Help 11/11/2020
Did You Marry the Wrong Person? 11/04/2020
Q&A To Save My Marriage, Do I Have to Agree with Him? 10/29/2020
Q&A How Do I Help My Wife Move past the Offense of My Betrayal and into Healing? 10/22/2020
Q&A What Do I Do as the Wayward Spouse When the Truth and Love Exercise Goes Wrong? 10/22/2020
Q&A How Does One Determine What Not to Share with Their Spouse While Remaining Open and Honest? 10/22/2020
The Mystery of Change 10/21/2020
Relapse: Why Can't You Stop? 10/07/2020