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Q&A How Do My Spouse and I Get On the Same Level When It Comes to Appropriate Communication to His Affair Partner about Their Daughter? 8/02/2021
Q&A How Can We Best Help Our Child Who Discovered the Affair? 6/03/2021
Q&A What Do We Tell Our Teenage Children? 5/25/2021
Q&A How Do We Help Our Adult and Teenage Children? 12/17/2020
Q&A What Should I Do with an Ambivalent Partner When a Baby Is Involved? 11/18/2020
Q&A How Do We Safely Co-Parent with the Affair Partner When a Child Is Born as a Result of the Affair? 11/12/2020
Q&A What Do You Do When There Is an outside Child the Same Age as Your Own from the Affair? 10/29/2020
Q&A Is It Codependent to Stay in a Marriage for the Happiness of Your Children? 10/22/2020
Q&A Should We Tell Our Kids about the Infidelity? 10/22/2020
Q&A Would We Be Wrong to Cut off a Child Born as a Result of the Affair to Save Our Marriage? 9/10/2020
Q&A How Do I Explain the Pain I’m Going Through, from the Betrayal Trauma My Husband Caused, to My Children? 6/19/2020
Q&A How Do I Feel Connected to My Sons Again so I Don't Take This out on Them? 6/19/2020
Q&A How Does Pregnancy with the Affair Partner Affect the Healing Process? 1/02/2020
Q&A How Can We Achieve Closure and Develop a New Healthy Parenting Relationship? 1/02/2020
Q&A How Do We Handle Our Children? 11/22/2019
Q&A What Do I Do Now That There Is a Child with the Affair Partner? 11/22/2019
Q&A How Do I Heal from Losing My Family Unit? 11/05/2019
Q&A How Do I Co-Parent with Someone I Don’t Respect? 11/05/2019
Q&A How Do We Restore Our Relationship with Our Children? 10/23/2019
Q&A How Can We Restore Our Relationship with Our Children? 9/26/2019
Q&A Can I Ever Get Passed Sharing My Daughter with the Affair Partner? 9/13/2019
Q&A How Do I Protect My Children through All of This? 8/28/2019
Q&A Do We Tell Our Son about the Affair? 8/23/2019
Q&A What Can I Do to Protect My Children? 8/06/2019
Q&A If I Draw a Line in the Sand about My Affair It Could Result in Me Losing My Child, What Do You Suggest? 7/17/2019
Q&A How Do I Protect My Kids from the Damage of Divorce? 6/19/2019
Q&A How Can We Move Forward When a Child Has Been Conceived with the Affair Partner? 6/11/2019
Q&A Should We Stay in the Marriage for the Kids? 4/30/2019
Q&A How Do We Set Boundaries When Children Are Involved? 4/10/2019
Q&A How Do I Convince My Husband That It Is Time to Tell Our Son? 4/10/2019
Q&A How Do We Set Boundaries When the Affair Partner Has Close Family Ties? 4/10/2019
Q&A Is My Mate to Blame for Our Child's Behavior? 3/27/2019
Q&A How to We Share Our Story with Our Children? 3/20/2019
Q&A How Do I Help My Children Heal after the Separation? 3/13/2019
Q&A Am I a Hypocrite for Staying? 2/13/2019
Q&A How Do We Manage Safe Boundaries with a Child from the Affair? 1/09/2019
Q&A How Do I Help Our Son Heal from the Infidelity? 12/12/2018
Q&A How Can I Help My Children Cope? 11/01/2018
Q&A Should We Share Our Story with Our Children? 11/01/2018
Q&A Should I Disclose More Information for the Sake of the Children? 11/01/2018
Q&A How Can We Safely Parent a Child from the Affair? 10/23/2018
Q&A Should I Be Okay with My Mates Ex-Spouse Staying in Our Home When Family Comes to Visit? 10/17/2018
Q&A Should We Disclose the Affairs with Our Children? 9/26/2018
Q&A Is There Hope for Recovery in This Type of Situation? 9/12/2018
Q&A How Do We Protect Our Children During Recovery? 8/15/2018
Mickey and Stephanie's Mentor Video 7/06/2018
Q&A How Can We Repair the Damage to Our Children? 5/09/2018
Q&A What Is the Right Thing for Us to Do with a Child Born from the Affair? 4/25/2018
Q&A How Do You Make Life Changing Decisions a Few Months after D-Day? 4/11/2018
Q&A How Do We Help Our Children after Involving Them Too Much? 3/28/2018