Q&A Where was God in That Moment?

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I am the betrayed spouse and we're 3 months past D-Day. We are currently taking the EMSO course and it's helping us reconnect. I would like to learn how to see God in the situation. My wife was unfaithful and I'm struggling with flooding and triggers. I have a recurring flashback of her and her A.P. When I think of what she tells me she did, I know it's a truth and not something I'm imagining. In this week's video we heard you reference prayerfulness as a way to deal with flashbacks. Specifically, it was suggested that we learn to ask "Where was God in that moment?" to help change the emotions around the memory. I have tried praying and visualizing God in those moments, and I do not understand how to apply this technique. I would really like to know. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.



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