Q&A Can You Give Me Guidance With My Assignment?

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Dear Rick, It has been 4 months since first d-day and 3 months from 2nd d day. We have done boot camp, EMS Weekend , and now I'm having to write the letter to my unfaithful spouse for the wk 3 assignment in Beyond EMS. "That would make my heart sing". I have read and watched the info provided for this, 6 times! praying for guidance and words from God. I'm still crying/grieving daily, still dealing with anger and the sexual trauma from my past that no one had ever in past counseling called Rape. I'm also doing Harboring hope and had 1 brain spotting session w/male counselor . I think this will be helpful! I just need to find a female, i did not feel comfortable with him since my trauma was sexual. Back to the letter, I have nothing, stuck! My only Joy comes from my Lord ! Which is the only thing keeping me breathing ! HE is CARRYING me . Advice please!



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