Q&A What Progressional Steps Are Most Helpful in Recovery from Pornography Addiction and Extramarital Affairs?

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My wife and I completed the Bootcamp and will complete EMS Online next week. What is your opinion for my next step? Should I take take a Twelve-Step Program before taking the Hope for Healing course, vice-versa, or at the same time? I battled with pornography since my teen years and continued this struggle throughout my 30 year marriage. Throughout my marriage, I denied my sexual desires and pornography addiction. I lied to my wife year after year about my struggles thinking I could stop on my own. The last ten years of my marriage, I’ve had multiple emotional affairs and one which lead to a physical affair. My wife discovered my most recent physical affair which resulted in finally admitting to my addiction to pornography. Also, is there a specific Twelve Step Program you would recommend, or is this a program that addresses pornography addiction the same way regardless of where you go? I want to ensure I get the best qualified help I need to heal in my layers of infidelities.



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