Q&A Is Asking Questions Abusive?

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My husband told me that I was abusing him by asking him questions about any of his many types of infidelity and what occurred and why. He said it reminded him of his past mistakes/sins and God has forgiven him of those sins. He has never wanted to answer my questions (self-denial, self-protection). He told me once that he never intended to answer any of my questions because, I wanted answers and he wasn't going to give me anything that I wanted. Harboring Hope and so many other resources talk about full disclosure. So it appears that is not for me. But is asking questions or maybe the questions I ask, is abuse? I know he may not have to answer my questions but I told him some day he will have to answer questions, all alone, while standing by the right hand of God. Did he think that was abuse. I want to do what a Christian should do.



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