Q&A How do I Know if I Have Forgiven Enough Times?

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One of the lines that is repeated several times throughout the [EMS Online] workbook is about how Jesus said to forgive 7 times 70 and if the person says that they will not do it again, to continue to forgive. When dealing with abusive spouses, however, when do you stop listening and forgiving? When can you say,”Ok, you have told me 25 times that you will not be abusive again and have begged for forgiveness but you continue being abusive and I’m done”? When can I know that I have done everything that needs to be done? Jesus's quote puts me in a place to be martyred, possibly dead, but forgiving. As infidelity is actually a form of abuse it might be helpful to have a separate curriculum or chapters when abuse is involved. If I don't forgive him, I (the injured spouse) am going to Hell when he kills me, but he will stand at Christ's side if he asks Him for forgiveness? Is that really what God says?



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