Songs for the Soul | Rodney & Angela Uncut (S1:E10)

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Today, eight years after disclosure and discovery (D-Day), in celebration of completing ten episodes, totalling over 10,000 views - Rodney and Angela present to us a raw, uncut, unplugged, and unleashed ‘Songs for the Soul’ experience! From start to finish, there’s no telling what will happen between these two. God’s grace has taken them from lamenting to laughter, and from turmoil to triumph. He has given them beauty for ashes. While we know there’s nothing funny about the trauma of infidelity, triggers, reminders, and betrayal - tune in for a little joy and laughter to brighten up your day. Scripture teaches that a merry heart does good like a medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones (Proverbs 17:22). Well, in the world of recovery, we’ve all had plenty of dry bone experiences - every now and then, give yourself permission to laugh a little - in the spirit of self-care. Our laughter doesn’t excuse or make light of the sin and trauma, but like medicine, it can help us get through the painful process - it does our bodies good. Don’t be surprised if Rodney and Angela have you crying one minute and laughing another. They believe that all of our being, all of our experiences, and all of our emotions, can ultimately be used in God’s great blender to further His Kingdom and bring Him maximum glory.

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