Songs for the Soul | Rick Reynolds (S2:E2)

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We are so excited to finally share with you a brand new season of 'Songs for the Soul' with Rodney & Angela. Songs for the Soul was created by this inspiring couple as a space where their testimony meets their harmony, to encourage couples and individuals who are overcoming infidelity.

In the second episode, Affair Recovery Founder Rick Reynolds, LCSW, joins the discussion with scientific links between singing and recovery from infidelity. Check out this note from Rick explaining the history behind this beautiful passion project.

In August of 2015, I was invited to Gateway Church for a reunion with past participants of the EMS program. To my delight, a married couple was leading worship together. My heart was deeply touched by their music.

Afterwards, I went up to introduce myself to those gifted musicians. After expressing my gratitude to Rodney and Angela, they shared their dream of using music to help others who are in recovery from infidelity. Five years later, I was thrilled when we were able to hire Rodney to join us at Affair Recovery. Since then, my heart's desire has been to find a way to incorporate their music to bless others. Faith is an important element in Rodney & Angela's story as it has been for many of our journeys and you'll get to see this played out in their videos.

Songs for the Soul is the culmination of our dream. I hope you experience the peace I experience when listening to their music.

To Healing,


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Loved this!

Ok. First of all I was wondering why Rick was on here. And second of all - RICK CAN SING! Mind blown. I love how your hearts for Songs for the Soul was shared in this episode. Music is so powerful and I completely agree with everything both of you said. And then beautiful Angela singing at the end. Wow. What a song, what a voice. I loved the reminders in the song that I sing because I'm happy, I sing because I'm free. Oh His eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches me. So great to be reminded of God's great love for me. He loves me even more than the sparrows so He will surely not abandon me. In those moments when I feel overwhelmed, this is an excellent for my soul.

Hello Shelly - yes, Rick can

Hello Shelly - yes, Rick can sing!! Who knew :) Thanks for watching and for all your always bring a smile to our faces!

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