Songs for the Soul | When You Are Triggered (S1:E7)

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Here's a quick link to the audio version of the song: "When You Are Triggered"

For today's episode, we will sing a song we wrote to help with triggers. Because triggers can be so volatile; we understand it may or may not work for everyone in every situation. But even if not, the message of the song is still so very potent because it includes lessons we learn from the EMS curriculum.

Following the earthquake of infidelity and trauma, there are always triggers. They show up without warning, armed with painful reminders of life's most challenging hardships, and can sometimes have us acting outside of our best selves. Well, today we present a song to soothe the savage beast wreaking havoc in your mind. As David played music for King Saul, the evil spirit departed. That's our prayer for this song. We want to stop the emotional spin cycle and help bring life and peace - think of the acronym LIFE, which stands for Label, Identify/Identity, Fix your eyes/Focus, and Evaluate. As you listen, we hope the melody and message of this song will have you responding as your true self and not your deceived self. As the song declares: You will get through this. You will come out. You will feel better. It will work out somehow. Pray, Lord take my mind, emotions, and will. Help me not spin in this cycle again and again.

What songs have helped you through stormy and tumultuous times? Email them to us at We'd love to hear them. From time to time we will feature a song from your submissions! Stay tuned; your song might be next! :)

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Love this

This song is precious. But the two of you guys doing it together is magical.

Thanks for your kindness :)

Thanks for your kindness :) We pray for it to be a supernatural experience! And yes, doing it together really is a gift from God. Many blessings to you!!

I just love this - you two

I just love this - you two are lights! God has blessed you with the gift of music, to share it with others and lift them up too. A song that has really helped me is Look What You've Done by Tasha Layton... chorus below.

Look what You've done, look what You've done in me
You spoke Your truth into the lies I let my heart believe
Look at me now, look how You made me new
The enemy did everything that he could do
Oh, but look what You've done

Thanks so much for this

Thanks so much for this comment and for passing on this song. We look forward to hearing it! The words alone are simply beautiful! WOW.

I love this. I love the two

I love this. I love the two of you together and I’m so happy and thankful that you did the work (with God’s help) and are now here helping all of us.
I also love your humor about a very dark time in your history. I’m glad you’re able to joke around and share laughter together.
Sometimes I think (I know) I serve a God with a sense of humor.
My husband’s first AP in 2016 was from Indiana.
My husband’s last AP in 2019 was a black woman from Canada.
I’ve met a few friends on the AR forum, and one of them is…a black woman…from Indiana.
Oh the irony!
Thank you God.
You destroyed two of my triggers in one move.

WOW. What a testimony! Thanks

WOW. What a testimony! Thanks so much for sharing this. As a result, Angela and I both laughed out loud at how God creatively and graciously smiles upon us - while bringing healing in the midst of such pain. Truly, we were all hurt within community...and how beautiful it is that God uses community to also bring us healing!! Many rich blessings to you on your journey. God is truly smiling on you...through it all.

Yes, thank you. It’s amazing

Yes, thank you. It’s amazing to me that my husband and I can laugh about some of this.
He’s very humbled by the pain he caused others, not just to me, but those women he selfishly used as objects with no intention of anything more.
He’s completely forthright and honest now, which is why we can laugh about his time of stupidly (as he likes to call it).
I was initially very upset that my trigger had something to do with someone of different ethnicity than me. I couldn’t even see a TV ad or movie without being massively triggered, no matter the honest talks I had with myself. If my husband was sexting with a woman from Mars, then Martian women would be my source of fear and trauma.
So glad that’s not the case now.
He said that subconsciously he chose women NOT like me so as not to replicate me, he loved me and wanted our marriage. He was in emotional pain and chose to numb it by acting out.

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