Songs for the Soul | The Angry GIFTS Song (S1:E11)

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Here is a quick audio version of the song: The Angry GIFTS Song

Today we will present a fun one-minute original song to help pull back the curtain of anger to uncover the primary emotions beneath. Using the GIFTS acronym from the EMS Curriculum, we're able to practice self-awareness, self-expression, and self-management. Ephesians 4:26a instructs us to, "Be angry but do not sin." Anger, as with fire, can create danger if it's not managed well. However, with proper boundaries, as fire within the safety of a fireplace, it can assist in creating an environment of warmth, intimacy, and vulnerability. How are you dealing with your anger - and how is it dealing with you? Is it being used as fuel to enhance your relationships and improve communication, or is there destruction from uncontrollable implosions or explosions? Maybe a first step for you will be learning today's Song for the Soul. May it be a GIFT to you - to help you dive beneath the surface of anger and uncover what really lies beneath.

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