Another Layer of Forgiveness

A few years into recovery, Samantha and I tapped into another layer of unforgiveness and resentment. It's a common experience that even two or three years out from D Day, a couple may need to still address resentment and unforgiveness. What do you do when you reach that point?

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My wife had an affair 35 years ago. I thought that I had forgiven her but recently my pain has resurfaced. Both of us recently retired, moved to a different state and that seems like when d-day reoccurred for me. 35 years later, what is wrong with me?


very sorry for the delay.  just found a notification for this.  could be trauma you stuffed down.  it's normal. and it's ok.  get help my friend, even though it's 30 plus years later.  this won't simply go away...but it may not take long to heal it and confront it and move forward.  but dont beat yourself up as this does happen, even this far down the road.  give yourself grace for the pain you're in.  

What type of affair was it?

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