Are You Attached to an Outcome?

Today, Samuel gets pointed in his video discussion about whether or not were attached to an outcome in our recovery from infidelity, and when it's good to be attached to an outcome.

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Believing for an outcome

Thank you for all your vlogs Samuel. Your messages are so real and touch so many.

My husband and I are separated as he continues his midlife affair and I asked him to move out. Although he says he doesn't want to work on the marriage, he is showing ambivalence by still wanting joint accounts, not taking any steps towards legal separation, coming around and helping with house issues, etc. Feels like a bit of cake-eating.

God has shown me that our marriage will be restored but I am to get out of His way. Since I am believing for that outcome, I am naturally attached to it. My confusion is how do I get out of His way but still hold the few boundaries I have put in place? How do I show my husband that I'm not holding on to a restoration outcome when that is what I believe is going to happen? From your advice on ambivalence (and my counsellor's) I do not pursue, have mostly detached and no longer ask him about his recovery since he stopped counselling several months ago.

HH has been awesome in my walk but when I have to interact with him, it's like I'm walking a tightrope. Any advice to help clarify how to proceed?

What type of affair was it?

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