Are You Multi-Tasking in Recovery?

Samuel discusses the topic of rushing through recovery after an affair and how we may find ourselves missing some important steps.

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Great blog!

Samuel - Terrific blog, Samuel. Your points are excellent about staying in the moment. I am the betrayed spouse and it is SO easy to literally get stuck obsessing about the horrific past or constantly worrying and fretting about the future; not to mention multi-tasking, too. Thank you so much for talking about this very important tool in recovery. As always, your blogs are so insightful and helpful, and I feel so lucky to be able to listen to them. I am going to really concentrate on living in the present and hopefully this will become easier and easier and I know it will be so helpful in my recovery and also helpful in my marriage with my husband if I can stay in the present. If you have time next week, I hope you will be able to do a follow-up blog on how it is going for you. Thank you, again, Samuel, your blogs have truly been so helpful and so wonderful for so many of us in recovery.