Fighting the Temptation to 'Figure It All Out'

Samuel discusses the struggle for couples to make decisions too early in recovery work.

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So good and so true

Again Samuel, right on the mark. The exhausting, looping, never ending mental game of trying to make things right, and have a path to wholeness, to fix it all, overwhelms. So much so, that you get to a point of just wanting to quit.To lay down and just give up.
It's encouraging to hear that I don't have to have it all figured out. That's its okay to just be present today. To seek out the best care possible. It's also scary if I'm honest. Trying to figure it all out, can mask and medication the fear of losing all whom I care about. It's really a form of panic. But when I take a minute to breathe, I realize that is not productive,and it leaves me at a dead end street.

it's incredibly normal....yet gut wrenching

mikeD, i's painful as all get out and the worry is almost intoxicating.  the panic overtakes you quickly, but so many experience it.  the video is to a massive amount of people who feel the same thing.  taking it slow and doing your own recovery work is key for healing and for peace.  i know the agony....  it's ok, you're not alone and it's OK to not be OK and to not know the future.  i hope the site and blogs are helpful for you.  take it slow and easy my friend. 



Dear Samuel,
I do not know how to contact you otherway so I decided to write here.
Could you be so kind and try to speak on a topic "what when there is a child which is a result of infidelity". How to deal with it? How to recover from such a situation (since this is a life long commitment). I'm in such a situation, my husband had an affair and have a baby with another women. I bealive it makes recovery from an infidelity MUCH harder if not unpossible. I really would like to know your opinion and advice on this topic. Thank you in advance. You do really good job with those videos. God bless you!

What type of affair was it?

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