Finding Gratitude as an Unfaithful

In today's video, Samuel shares more of his own personal journey into finding gratitude as an unfaithful spouse.

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Samuel, there is so much

Samuel, there is so much power in your genuineness. I can't tell you how helpful your insights are. I am the betrayed, and I have come to grips with my contributions to the breakdown of my marriage with God's help. I pray my wife would find 1% of the courage you have to wake up, be honest with me and herself, and see that the second chance you're referring to - the beauty for ashes, if you will - is not only possible, but completely worth it. I'm going to stay in faith for just that realization. Thank you for being willing to put yourself out there like this time after time to help us heal and move forward.

you left out samantha....

I have listened to and read many of your articles and comments since my husbands Dday or 2 1/2 years ago. I find your comments and perspectives very refreshing and enlightening and I enjoy what you have to say. Thank you for all of the energy you obviously put into your written and spoken words!

I have never written a comment on any blog or article. as I listened to your blog on "Gratitude" I felt compelled to comment. As a betrayed spouse, my perspective will be different than yours but I also think some of the unfaithful's gratitude should be specifically given to their spouse especially if the marriage has healed.

You mentioned in your blog that together you and your wife waded through the uncertainty, pain and devastation brought on by infidelity. I would just add that specific gratitude should be displayed to the betrayed spouse because without their patience and willingness to endure a recovery for which they never bargained for, signed up for or thought they'd be exposed to in their marriage, the marriage would not even exist.
Again, I want to thank you for all you do!

you are correct anonymousone

very correct. this vlog was highly emotional as you may have seen. it was a bit off the cuff too and even our producer said 'wow you were working some things out as you went along.' hahahha. you are very correct in that I should have shared more about how Samantha was to be praised and thanked more than anyone. thank you for pointing it out. i'll remedy in next series of vlogs I do next week. thank you for your support and kind words.