Four Ways to Win the Betrayed Spouse's Heart Back

Samuel shares four key points that the unfaithful can utilize to win back their betrayed spouse's heart.

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Timely video

We had a conversation this afternoon and from my perspective I felt like my husband was 0 for 4. He is about week 8 or so into Hope for Healing. I guess they haven’t covered these subjects yet. I am going to encourage my husband to watch you timely video and hope he will join me in a discussion of its content.
Thank you for this.

Excellent! Betrayed wife

Excellent! Betrayed wife here. The words spoken here not only apply to what needs to be done after infidelity is discovered but in everyday marriage. If only these four items were worked on prior to the infidelity, there would not have been an affair! Thanks Samuel for another thought provoking video.
To healing in spirit, soul and body!

so glad i could help.

thank you for the kind words.  means a ton my friend.