How to Confront Yourself as an Unfaithful Spouse

Samuel shares a key approach to helping the unfaithful spouse get healthy after infidelity.

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Thanks, Samuel! Was running

Thanks, Samuel! Was running out of steam and losing focus and this really does help in refocusing and helping give energy to who I am trying to become and what I am trying to do.

then it's all worth it

means a ton my friend.  it's situations like that that made me want to film this.  so glad it helped you.  thank you for posting.


Own story

This is good. As a former coach and being the BS, this is also something I want to look at for myself. I don’t get to change the past, I can go forward to work on and write my story going forward. This is a good reminder.

glad it helped Skier....

thanks for watching and posting.