Can an Unfaithful or Betrayed Spouse Change after Infidelity?

Samuel answers a viewer question about whether or not a spouse can really change after infidelity.

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Can people change video

Good message Samuel. Thank you.

thank you. means a ton

appreciate you my friend. 

When does the unfaithful stop feeling such sorrow?

I am the unfaithful - we are almost 2 years out from DDay1. When did you stop feeling the crushing sorrow and remorse from your actions? I look at my spouse and it breaks my heart to know how much pain I caused and that it is irreversible. Will I always have this weight, even if we are blessed to be healed? My spouse is trying to forgive me and wants to be healed and I believe they do want to restore our marriage most of time, but also often feels like giving up. We currently are not doing any active recovery work- I would like to but am unable to convince my spouse that it will help.

it takes somewhat around 5 to 7 months...

it takes what it takes my friend.  it's about forgiving yourself and accepting what you've done.  i would do work on you

asap.  if your spouse won't do any work, you can do work and you can go all in to help yourself heal.  to wait and see 

if your spouse will do work isn't going to cut it.  what if they not doing work is actually a test to see how serious you are?  

when did you to "get" it? any tips for speeding it up in COVID?

I'm a hurt spouse and my husband is back and forth between feeling sorry and blaming me. What did it take for you to get the pain caused? to feel remorse and to truly end all contact with the AP?

Any tips for setting boundaries during the COVID environment where everyone is stuck together?

What type of affair was it?

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