Infidelity Trauma: 4 Tools to Find Relief

It's no secret that infidelity is traumatizing. But what about childhood trauma? What about neglect and/or abuse as a child? The hard truth is, healing from all levels of trauma is difficult, and infidelity trauma doesn't help. When trying to heal from this type of pain, it's vital we have practical tools that we can use to find solace and ultimately, learn to self-soothe. Today, Samuel shares four tools he has used in his own journey of healing, from both infidelity and childhood trauma. The good news is, whether you caused the infidelity or are a victim of the choices of another, healing is possible, and there is hope for repairing the damage from both childhood and adulthood when the right tools are employed. All of us at Affair Recovery hope that today's message fuels your own personal journey toward healing and restoration.

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Question about support groups

My wife watched another of your many videos yesterday, and you recommended long term men's support groups for the unfaithful spouse. We attended the weekend in Austin a couple years ago, and also took the online courses for the betrayer and the betrayed. But the small groups involved did not continue for the long term. How can I search for an appropriate group in my area (Seattle)? Do you have any other related suggestions or resources? I'd appreciate any guidance whatsoever. Thanks, John

What type of affair was it?

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