How Do You Find Happiness Again after Infidelity or Addiction?

Samuel provides direction for those who feel they can't be happy again.

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Wow, this guy has really done his work

Darn man, often have I listened and thought "Wow, this guy has really done his work." and this one represents more than just another one of those times for me. Listening to this I am amazed at how thoroughly and diligently he has worked to assimilate and absorb some of life's toughest lessons. I am truly astounded and thankful for your generosity Samuel. This message in particular comes right on time for me. I found your presentation at the last Hope Rising conference to be uplifting, and this one reminds me of what it was like to listen to you then. The delivery is not the same, but you stir some of those same hopeful feelings. I am not particularly religious any longer, but when I heard some of the old preacher in that H.R. speech I though "Amen brother!' Thank you again sir.

means a ton my friend.

thank you for reaching out and sharing.  it's hard to communicate genuinely how much an email like this truly encourages me and gives me great hope.  i value it more than you know. thank you for doing that and sharing such a great word of hope for samantha and i.