How do you Trust Again? Part II

Samuel continues the discussion on safety and how to cultivate a safe atmosphere for you and your spouse's potential recovery.

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everything said is so true and spot on
unfortunately as a betrayed i dont think there is anything I can do to get my husband (we are separated) to want to take these steps but nonetheless everything said is true - thank you

Thank you so much

Samuel - Thank you so much for these so very helpful and insightful blogs on trust. My husband and I are in the first stages of D-day (3 months out) and it is so devastating and horrific. My husband has acted out for 28 to 30 years using porn and prostitutes. He seems ready to do all the hard work to be safe, but what I question in him is his absolute certainty he will "never do it again." These two blogs on safety and trust are extremely helpful, as I feel that it is imperative that my husband recognize that he needs to distrust himself, as you very aptly pointed out, before he can truly be safe. Thank you so much for these so very insightful and helpful blogs. In fact, all of your blogs have and continue to be a wonderful source of hope and help to me.

What type of affair was it?

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