How I Handled My Dad's Infidelity

Samuel interviews an adult child of a wayward spouse who shares her personal journey of healing and restoration.

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Great video!

Thank you for inviting Holly to speak on this. She is a beacon of hope for so many children who suffer the fallout of infidelity. She speaks not only for the children, but the adult children who carry this grief over their helplessness of their own broken families of origin. It is definitely something that the unfaithful never seem to consider as they pursue their lustful desires. It was a question I always posed to my UH. How could the unfaithful ever think this wouldn't hurt the children? A parent's infidelity hurts at every age. Thank you for your courage and inspiration, Holly!

Samuel and Holly

Thank you.

Thank you Holly

My adult daughter was caught up in the accidental revealing of her father's drug/alcohol addiction and affair. Something none of us knew he participated in. She was involved in finding him overdosed and subsequently finding awful evidence on his phone. None of the relationships have been repaired and he remains estranged from us. Thank you Holly for making me sit glued to your words, in hopes to understand and help my daughter more through the worst thing that ever happened to her and was delivered to her by her father. The self absorbed behavior he chose over his family devastated us and will be a roadblock to us trusting anyone else in the future as well, something Holly alluded to often.

God be with this precious

God be with this precious young lady and all our children who have experienced the death of the family unite. I’m so pleased to hear her speak about prayer and compassion towards her betrayed parent and unfaithful parent with hope.. May God bless all our children with His grace and goodness and mercy. What a brave heart she is.


Thank you SO much for this gift of insight! I have two daughters who are currently going through the exact same experience. I think we (betrayed and unfaithful) need to be reminded how the affairs/addictions are not just a grievance against the is a grievance against the family unit. Holly, I am so impressed at how beautifully and graciously you were able to speak to this extremely tough subject. I know the bravery of telling your story will help my daughters and their dad heal, too. I especially liked how you advised to keep your own boundaries, just listen (and provide hugs), go out & find joy everyday, it’s ok to forgive, there will be days were you will be angry, and to share a little light and joy even in the midst of the “ugly.” You brought joy to me just hearing about the squirrels! I think you are showing that you have taken something ugly and terrible and God is going to make something beautiful out of it in your life! Many blessings to you and your family!

Holly's interview

I have watched this several times, Holly is so mature and so well spoken for a very brave young lady. I am going to share this with my 16yr old son who is taking the brunt of things because of his age and still being a minor. His brothers is 19 and is not a part of the custody issue. I think my 19 yr old see this infidelity and divorce thing entirely different because of his age and life experience and can see the behaviors of his dad and know at a differ level of wrong. My younger son is still of the age of neiveness but is also hurting. My soon to be ex has done some horrible things including manipulating my our sons in order I believe to cover his shame and guilt. By lying twisting the story around and trying to make it like its me and continues.,I'm having a hard time not just saying everyday open your eyes guys to this foolish behavior and confront him, stand up for yourselves. He even had his attorney turn a situation around where I manipulated our 16 yr old to do something where truthfully he wrote his feelings on paper to both of us and his dad had his attorney completely use to his favor. I was discusted he would do this, when our sons feeling were denied on his part. My soon to be ex was trying to gain on his advantage of divorce in the courts eyes and continues. I'm trying to cope with this as well as keep our sons life normal while he destroys me or tries because he hasn't. I am a strong independent person who will get through this storm. It will be tough financially but I pray, I have tremendous support from my family as well as his. They have seen his behavior or heard but I have distant myself because it is his family. I have friends that have supported me tremendously as well. I pray he will admit to himself and apologize but then I don't know if he is capable. It has been almost 2yrs and the divorce is not final. I have grown through Hrboring hope in all the stages and I want to say thank you for that. I've never attended a session it just hasn't worked for my schedule I'd love to maybe someday. I hope and pray this video with Holly will help my son be able to see he is not alone and this will help him communicate his feelings. Thank you, Colleen

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