How We Made It to the Other Side: Overcoming Infidelity

Samuel his friends Hank and Aixa as they share their own story of healing from infidelity.

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Ground Zero

This was a great video. Thank you for sharing your story. My unfaithful watched his first AR video last night. I am hoping it is the first of many.

Can anyone lead me to the video about Ground Zero that was mentioned?


I want to be able and trust my husband again. It has been over two months since d day. We are going to stay married but we want our marriage to thrive.l have days where I feel.alot of anger and pain. I feel harboring hope can help me heal


Aixa, your video was a Godsend today. I needed to see your legitimately happy and smiling face. Your words were from your heart. You and I have a lot in common. We are doing the Bootcamp now and have signed up for EMS Online, which I believe will start next week. Thank you for your courage. You are beautiful.