How You Respond is How You Win or Lose

Samuel discusses how to win in recovery from infidelity.

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Glimpses of reality and truth

That's what I gained from this. Often times I try to catch a phrase or come up with one to help me remember something. Here, there were two:
Be humble, or be humbled.
How you respond dictates your degree of success or failure.
Quite honestly, it would be funny if it weren't sad- in my mind, I often think, "he needs to be more humble", yet it turns around on me and says, "let The Holy Spirit take care of him; you just worry about your own log."
I also learned recently from a counselor, how your body feels (tense muscles, frowning face, quickened heartbeat...) greatly impacts not only HOW you respond, but how your response is PERCEIVED by the other person as well.

excellent point...

you said it well and one of my favorite parts of your post is the fact that how your body feels etc, greatly impacts not only how you respond but how your response is perceived. that's a very true piece to the puzzle of flooding and communicating for some couples. for some communication isn't that hard, for others, man it's the toughest part. thank you for posting that as i hope many read it and find benefit out of that statement and your heart behind your post.

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