Healing from Infidelity: How to Not Abandon Your Betrayed or Unfaithful Partner Mid-Fight

On the path of beginning to heal a relationship after infidelity, oftentimes in the middle of a fight, a spouse or partner may not know what they need in that moment. They don’t know if they need answers, comfort, direction, or to have their hand held. Science says it takes 1/200th of a second for the betrayed spouse to flood emotionally. The triggers and onslaught of emotions can come on so quickly, that a partner can be lost for understanding what they need. Enter the unfaithful, perhaps genuinely trying to help the betrayed, but clueless on how to support them in their pain or hurt. They try X; it fails miserably. They try Y; it goes from bad to worse. It can leave both parties reeling in despair, wondering if there is any practical hope to heal. Today Samuel shares a tool he learned in his own therapy session that can help both partners heal, while preventing one other from feeling abandoned in the middle of a fight. While it can seem hopeless and overwhelming, there are practical tools for those who are suffering the effects of infidelity to find peace and comfort, even in the middle of gut-wrenching pain.

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