Infidelity and Sexual Trauma: An Interview with an Expert

MJ Denis returns to the studio to discuss sexual trauma, infidelity, and her upcoming session at Hope Rising 2019.

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What if the formerly

What if the formerly unfaithful spouse will go to therapy once a month but refuses to have anything to do with AR and won’t talk about any progress being made by IC? How does a betrayed spouse feel safe if it is never communicated to them that their spouse will do whatever it takes to make them feel safe?
It’s been 3 years and I feel like I need to accept that maybe it just isn’t going to happen. My safety may not ever be of concern and my spouse is too busy with work and other things to focus on putting what’s left of our marriage first.
I appreciate this video as it affirms what I have been feeling for so long and trying to communicate to my spouse. My IC says that any expectations I have for him only sets me up for more disappointment. I hang onto hope and I pray constantly, but some days the pain is stronger than I am.