Infidelity Belief 3: I Can Want It for My Spouse

Samuel shares pivotal insight how both spouses have to want healing and restoration.

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what to do when the unfaithful is continuing to be unfaithful

What should I do if my spouse (the unfaithful) is continuing to see the man she's been unfaithful with, and clearly not ready/ interested in participating in any sort of recovery. I have fallen into the trap of trying to want it for both of us (this is all very new and fresh), and I've already failed miserably. How do I protect my heart while I'm trying to become the best me and waiting for her to ever want to participate in a recovery?

it's tough....

sorry for the delay.  i was just notified of the comment.  fact is, you can't want it for them. you have to take charge of your own recovery and do something like harboring hope on the site:  all you can do is take care of you and your own healing.  not sure how long you can wait though may not be able to wait very long....or you may.  that's between you and either your conscience, God, or therapist.  i would do as much work on you as you can, not for the intention of waiting for them to return, but for you to get healthy after being devastated. 

What type of affair was it?

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