Learning to Love What You Hate

Samuel tackles a difficult yet life giving stage of recovery where spouses have to make a decision to love, instead of hate.

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Thank you for being REAL in

Thank you for being REAL in this video. Yes, the humor helps make the pill more palatable, but letting people see a real person and not a holier than thou/preacher type helps a person to believe,maybe I can do this too".
As the betrayed, I would appreciate, 'the flip side'. I know it's a delicate balance, because you don't want unfaithfuls taking it out of context and saying, "SEE, LOOK! You need to take care of your crap that led to this whole mess!" I have no doubt though that you can balance that well. But, I am one betrayed who needs to hear this part about healing the marriage. Thanks again brother.

humor....the other side...

godismyanchor, always great to hear from you. i will work on that for sure. thanks for the patience with the humor and the appreciation of it. you're kind for sure. i can tell you, samantha would say she had to 'learn' or even 'learn to love' affirming me and complimenting me. it just wasn't natural. early on in marriage, physical intimacy was rough. with little kids and pressures etc, she had to learn how to make it a priority and schedule around it. she had to learn to enjoy watching baseball and sports with me on tv as a chance to decompress, disconnect and veg out. for men, that's important. she had to learn how to not just punch a time clock for physical affirmation and intimacy as well. those are just some examples that had to be addressed on her side and she had to learn to love. even now, with life and pressures etc, she has to work to plan around things and be 'intentional.' i hope those are some initial good thoughts for you, but i'll work on more. thank you again

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