It's Time to Cut the Anchor

Samuel shares a humorous but telling story from his childhood which paints a picture of recovery for both spouses who are stuck.

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That was such a great video, it did help me trmendously.

then it's a win for me too my friend.

so glad you're here.  happy it helped you.  have a great day whenever you get this.


Anchor cutting

This analogy was great and is exactly the point I am at in my situation... I have had a lot of disappointments and heartache in my life, but this by far has been the most devastating and even debilitating thing which has ever happened to me. I know if I am not able to "cut the anchor" to some of the things I am doing like reading old text, comparing dates, times, pictures, etc. that there is no way for me to survive, let alone my marriage surviving.

very true

bryant, thanks for watching and commenting. i know it's scary and intimidating at some level, but cutting the anchor will set you free my friend.  progress not perfection.  

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