Lessons From A Traumatic Moment After the Disclosure of My Infidelity

After the disclosure of infidelity or addiction, our futures feel incredibly uncertain. If there is one universal, common emotion or feeling after disclosure, it’s probably raw terror. Both partners experience it, but how do you work through it? How do you process it? Today, Samuel shares his own traumatic event that was filled with not only uncertainty and confusion, but raw panic and terror. In the halls of ‘healing from infidelity’ the word trauma has become somewhat of a buzzword. Trauma isn’t necessarily what happens to us, but what happens inside of us in response to a traumatic event, and I think we can all agree that infidelity or addiction of any sort is a traumatic event. Today you will hear practical and courageous insight from Samuel that you can also utilize in your own recovery timeline. The terror we’ve experienced in our own lives doesn’t have to imprison us for the rest of our lives, and we can, in fact, learn how to break free from our own trauma.

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Thank you Samuel.

Thank you Samuel.

What does God’s redemptive work look like?

January 2020, my 56 year old husband having just confessed to four years of acting out, standing in our hallway weeping and saying, “And now you’re going to leave me forever.” He was like a frightened young boy

March 2020, tears streaming while walking his beloved daughter down the aisle; and then watching with me, hand in hand and heart to heart, as she married.

We serve a God of love and grace.

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