Recovery is Like a Well

Today Samuel shares a poignant word picture of what recovery looks like and how healing is found in recovery from infidelity.

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What a perfect gift on this dark saturday morning

Dear Samuel This morning I had one of those moments that I did not feel like "digging" anymore; I could throw away the shovel for good, and forever. I tried to talk to my husband (luckily kids were at their grandma) and it did not work. Actually, he got a bit upset; thought that I was criticizing him again. Anyway, it was a dark saturday morning, and I wanted it to be a good saturday morning. After breakfast I took sometime for myself and watched your new video on the "well". What a nice analogy! It gave me lots of hope again to go on. I think I will go on crying a bit more, maybe another 15 minutes, but afterwards I will start my day, and hopefully I will manage to do some digging today. Or at least will figure out where the shovel is ;-)


you're very kind. thank you. it's moments like you just described which give me hope to keep doing these in hopes that more like you find them at just the right time and place to find hope and carry on. your comment means a ton. thank you for sharing that. carry on my friend. go find that shovel and dig. there's more water for you there. it's going to be ok.

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