How Does the Unfaithful Spouse View the Betrayed Spouse Who Chooses to Stay in the Marriage?

Samuel answers a popular question from betrayed spouses.

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Thank you

Thank you so much for all the work you do an affair recovery to help other people heal. Your videos Are a huge help I’m sure to so many including myself. Today’s especially hit home for me. This journey has been very painful for my husband and I and you truly said it when you said we will look and say we are in awe That our betrayed spouses Will work through things with us and hopefully come out better people. I get glimpses of that through the pain. I relate to a lot of your videos as the unfaithful. It’s a safe place to come to to learn and grow. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Honesty and heart with so many. It is through this that you know God is working in your life and turning Ashes into beauty.