Stop Trying to Flip the Switch

Samuel discusses controlling tendencies in recovery for the unfaithful spouse.

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Great blog Samuel - thank you!

thank you

thanks so much for that.  encourages me and after this past month, i could use all the encouragement i've been given.  means a ton.  thanks for watching and posting.  

Going through this right now.

Going through this right now....thank you for making this vlog. It helps me to know I am normal in what I am asking my unfaithful spouse for.

you're very welcome.

i appreciate the great feedback.  i try and always convey a sense of normalcy to help us who are wondering what is normal and not etc.  stay the course.  one day at a time my friend.


The Vlog's

Thank you for being so real and honest in your vlogs. I find them so helpful in this mess that I never wanted.

you're very's my goal...

thank you for sharing, and for watching.  i try to be real and honest as i know that we need that when we're hurting and struggling.  so glad you're here.