Stuffing Down the Trauma

Samuel shares a recent traumatic experience that uprooted trauma in his own life and how it affected his recovery.

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Thanks. As a betrayed husband

Thanks. As a betrayed husband, I've been both challenged and encouraged by your video blogs since joining AR in May. This is my first time to comment, and I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for your boldness and vulnerability. Just... thanks, man!

means a ton you'd say that

DP815 thanks so much my friend. glad you're on the site and part of the community. i know it's hard but hopefully i can help in some small way. keep going my friend. appreciate you.

Stuffing Down

Thank you Samuel for doing these blogs! I can definitely relate to what you shared about stuffing down the trauma. I believe now that I did that with our first discovery. Sadly, we've had another discovery 4 years later. But this time around I am not stuffing. I am feeling and grieving and working through the trauma. It is so hard. So, so hard. I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability in sharing your own experience.


thanks so much for the compliment. i'm so glad to hear you're working 'through' the trauma. not around it. it's a journey and the trauma will change you for the better if you do the hard recovery work and use it for your healing and personal restoration. i'm so glad I could encourage you at least a little. take care, be brave and don't quit.

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