Surviving Infidelity: One of the Most Important Strategies for Couples or Individuals to Get Their Life Back

Samuel shares a powerful and effective tool for individuals on both sides of infidelity to heal.

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Getting our lives back. Gee, what a topic. To get my (our) life back only seems like a dream to me. I dont remember the last time I went to seep without a tear soaked pillow. I have cried myself to sleep for so long. It's become routine for me. He cheated on me 3 years ago, but I just found out about it a couple months ago. That sounds better cos it was so long ago, but actually it's not. The main reason is because he can't remember much.. talk about spreading out the d day. I do believe him that he can't remember much. I would like to know where he told me he was going. Right before he walks out the door to go anywhere b he always kisses me n says I love you. REALLY. You kiss me n walk out to you AP. That is so messed up. THAT PART MAKES ME VERY CRAZY ANGRY. There is so much about that, I just do not understand. My lord, please help me to heal so we can get back to normal. But now, wat is normal. We have a new normal. If we stay together things will never be the same.

How long it took you to complete boot camp...?

1.5 years out DDay, we have been our guide. We did Boot camp and EMO. After 1 year we had been kind of avoiding to talk about affair. Now I am having constant anger and realized we both feel like we need to watch your video again!
My husband (unfaithful) claims that I am too upset to talk, that I could not even stick to the rule during bootcamp and could not complete within 7 days, we took more like 2 weeks.
I remember I watched somewhere that you took more than 7 days because sometimes Samantha got upset... I told this to my husband and he does not believe this. Please remind me which video you talked about this...
thank you.


Sorry, not "we have been our guide." but "you have been our guidance"


hi there.  bootcamp wasn't around when we had disclosure early on.  we were on a completely different roadmap and it does take longer than 7 days for many couples and that's totally ok.  samantha did get upset all the time during the early days and months and that's normal too.  happy to speak to it.  have him email me if he likes at and ask them to send it to me and i'll be happy to answer.  do you guys use the timeout protocol?   if not, i highly suggest it. 

building the new?

Samuel - is there specific examples to "build the new". I want to move forward in our relationship and I think my husband and I are both stuck.

Thank you.

What type of affair was it?

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