Understanding the Process Healing from Infidelity Requires

Samuel shares pivotal insight surrounding the need for the right process in recovering from infidelity.

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Thank you Samuel

I really needed this exact video at this moment in time. I hope this will reach my unfaithful wife...in a profound way

Celebrate Recovery

Hi Samuel! So... my husband was unfaithful and DDay was pretty recent. He was at first very averse to the EMSO but decided to participate and now by his own admission has “warmed to the program.” I don’t know if he will at any time do Hope For Healing, but he has NO male friends or mentors with whom he can speak or be accountable to. I’ve heard you speak about Celebrate Recovery and I feel it would be a good fit for him even if he does do H4H but we have no idea what sort of group he’d fit into. Do you mind sharing the type of group you attend in CR (i.e. addictions, sex addiction, etc.)? Thank you in advance for your response 😊


Just wanted to drop a note of Thanks to you! I watch a LOT of your video blogs etc. It seems that you can hit on how I feel a lot!
I am the unfaithful husband and have been away from the AP since 2/14/19. I was doing well till she emailed my business email two days ago. Asking how I am and wanting to talk. I didnt answer but it sure put me back to square one in my thoughts doubts that I did the right thing for me etc. It seems she says all she does is think of me. she is 20 yrs younger than me, was also married ( now divorced), has found at least one guy to be with since I said goodbye and now emails me. Seems she thought she could do better but didnt. So now I am totally wondering if I am making the right decision to stay in my marriage. I am presently in HfH and we are to go to EMS this month.
Would love to hear from ya.