What Do You Do When You've Lost Respect or Admiration for Your Unfaithful Spouse? Part 1

Samuel answers a viewers question on what you should do when you've lost respect for your unfaithful spouse.

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Samuel, thank you again for another good video!

This is a sticking point with us....the self-absorption. IMO....until my UH can let go of this, he will not be able to see me, hear me, empathize with me, or help heal me....so we can heal.

His responses to me are rarely about me or my feelings....it is how what I say effects him.

How does this change happen...letting go of it?

very sorry for the delay....i didn't see the notification...

hi rwr....i believe it changes by working a recovery program with great intention and dedication.  he needs expert help to change and see what he's facing and own his blind spots ie the self absorption.  he won't hear it from you.  you're too close to the situation and he can dismiss you...but he won't be able to dimiss an expert third party, or if he chooses too, he will be refusing to get help from an expert and at that point, you'll have to consider creating space as he's not safe. also, consequences and pain may be what helps him see his blind spots and realize that if he doesn't humble himself and get expert help, he may lose everything he cares for due to his pride, self absorption, and stubborness.  (i know that's blunt and direct so i'm sorry if that's harsh)

again, so sorry for the delay.


What type of affair was it?

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