Why is my Unfaithful Spouse so Angry?

Today Samuel delves into the anger of the unfaithful spouse.

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Spot on blog, as was the It's never enough for you series. I have had so much of all of this come from my wife. It has been a very difficult journey that is ending with divorce. As of Thanksgiving we were over two and a half years out from the first D-day, she basically walked out saying she could not so what I needed. The defensiveness has never left her, though she has shared some truth with me, even some very ugly stuff, I have never felt she has been completely honest with me, or her self. I am two weeks in to the alcohol recovery program. My drinking didn't ruin my marriage my marriage ruined my drinking, no longer drank to relax, I drank to kill my emotions. In working the steps it talks about those who are incapable of rigirous honesty, with others, but more importantly them selves. It is the shame based coping mechanism that allows for them to survive in life. I believe with out this type of honesty real recovery is impossible. Keep blogging, you have helped a lot of unfaithful and betrayed.


man I'm sorry for the pain you're walking through. That has to hurt like hell. thank you for the kind words and affirming thoughts about the vlog. means a ton to me. so glad you're here and getting healthy, though its a process. keep it up my friend. there are better days ahead. one. day. at. a. time. take care and thank you again for your kind words.

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