4 Things to do When You're Circling Out of Control

Samuel discusses a moment where he remembered 4 things his mentor told him to do to survive the chaos of recovery.

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Loving Your Spouse in the 'in-between' period and well into reco

While I appreciate all the information on what can help couples right after disclosure, I would really appreciate having more information about what couples can do to heal their marriage in the 'in-between" period and even well into recovery. As a betrayed spouse, I am grateful that my husband has re-committed to the marriage, is doing everything to restore trust, and listens well (when I am triggered, relapse into anger, or occasionally feel insecure during physical intimacy). But I feel I need him to 'woo me back' and that seems to take a lot of thought in a very longstanding marriage, where before the affair we were just very comfortable with each other.

thank you chalant...

that's the next blog to be released in the next few days my friend. thank you for your comment and reading the blog.

new blog is up for you chalant....hope it helps you

thanks for you comment.

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